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Optional Installable Programs

Tech Tips ImageThere are a number of programs available to SHSU computer account holders that are not automatically installed onto every machine on campus. These optional programs are available for install, without needing administrative rights, through the SHSU Program Installation Menu.

Please take a moment to read through the list of available programs and see if there are any that you would like to install. If you notice a software application that you would like installed, just select it from the list and use the “Add” button. This will download the install file for that application to your computer. After the file has been saved, the installation will either begin automatically or you will be prompted to begin the installation.

While the program is being installed a SHSU Managed Application Installation box will be running in the background.

After the installation is complete you will be notified that new programs have been installed. Some programs may require a reboot of your computer before they are ready for use.


Banner Accounts Getting Accidentally Locked

When accessing data via INB, please be sure to clear the screen when you've gathered the information that you require.  Not only does this prevent potentially private information from being visible to others, but more importantly, it will help prevent record locks.

Record locks occur when one staff member has a record displayed on their screen and another staff member ( or a job running in the background) is then unable to access that information.   The result can be that one of the competing processes will lock up until the record is released.

Frequently, when trying to expedite a student through the system, one office will need to update the record so that another office can continue processing that student.  If the first office does not release the record, the second office will not be able to proceed.  So the best practice is to clear the screen to ensure the record is released.


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