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IT@Sam Updates SHSU's Data Storage Capabilities

Storage ImageIT@Sam has worked diligently on upgrading network file storage capabilities to help meet growing storage needs across campus. We would like to take this opportunity to let you know some of the back-end changes that may not be widely known. 

In December 2010, the Systems Team updated our clustered file servers. The clustered setup allows for quick failover to another server in the event that one server is experiencing issues. This capability allows for IT@Sam to ensure that the file servers are not down for extended periods of time and file server up-time has increased dramatically.

Currently each SHSU employee receives a default quota on the home or S drive of 3GB. This size can be increased upon request. 

The common, or T, drive is also available for departments and groups. This setup allows for your department to have a common area to collaborate and share data that is common across the group. The size of this area is determined by the needs of the department and can be increased upon request. 

There are many benefits of using the network shares to store your data including:

  • Network shares are backed up daily and most times can quickly provide a point in time recovery of a file if it is accidentally deleted or corrupted by using the previous versions feature. 
  • The data located on network shares is available to you remotely as well so that you can still access the same files whether you are in your office, in a classroom, or at home.
  • Security of your data is also ensured on a network drive, whether it is your home or S drive which only you have permissions to or the common or T drive where the owner of the directory can set specific permissions for who needs what kind of access to the files.

For quota increases or to set up shared storage space, just call the Service Desk at 4-HELP or 4-4357!

For information about connecting to the SHSU network, please read the technology guide about using remote desktop connection.


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