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Ethernet Setup

All SHSU residence halls rooms, except Colony apartments, are equipped with two computer access ports that provide a direct connection to the Internet and the University LAN (Local Area Network). Some of the advantages of your computer access port are:

    • Speed - a typical modem is 56kbs, your reshall access port is 10mbs. This means your Ethernet access port is 178 times faster than a typical modem connection.
    • Continuous access - your access port will be connected and available any time your computer is on. So you don't need to tell your computer to dial the Internet.
    • No busy signals.
    • Your phone line will not be tied up by the computer. You can make and receive calls and use the Internet at the same time.

General Information

All University residence hall residents with an active University computer account are eligible for the use of the residence hall LAN access ports available in their room. These connections are restricted by the same rules and restrictions that apply to the use of all University computer resources.

General Restrictions

Due to security concerns and traffic volume, we do request that you abide by the following general rules:

  • You must accept the SHSU Computer system Acceptable Use Policy.
  • You are allowed a single port to connect to the network.
  • Do not swap ports once you have connected.
  • You may have up to 5 network devices per student, including PC, XBox, etc. Manual Registration for other devices
  • You may not host network services
  • You will be responsible for any connections made through your devices.


As a part of the University telecommunications network, usage of this resource must be within the guidelines of the University Acceptable Use Policy. In addition to the University AUP, residence hall network ports are intended for the connection of a single network device intended for use only by its owner. A second device is only permitted upon requesting approval through the Information Technology workorder system (294-1950) and receiving approval from the SHSU Information Technology department for the installation.

A violation of the SHSU Residence hall LAN port policy may result in loss of the use of your connection and possible University disciplinary actions.

Getting Started

  1. Read and agree to the SHSU Computer Resource Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. Your computer can have a Windows, Macintosh, Linux or similar operating system.
  3. You must have an Ethernet NIC (Network Interface Card). Major department stores, electronics stores, and computer specialty stores carry these cards. Once you purchase a card you will then need to install the card in your computer.
  4. You must have a Category 5 Ethernet network cable to connect the NIC to the access port. Make sure your cable is long enough to reach from the port to your desk (or wherever you plan to use your computer). The University Barnes & Noble bookstore on campus sells 14 foot cables.

    Normally the NIC will come with detailed instructions for its installation. The installation of the NIC will require the computer case be opened for its installation. Please read and follow all instructions and warnings first.

Getting Connected

Once you have obtained all the necessary equipment you must now assemble and configure these components to activate your connection. Two options are available for activating your connection:

  1. There are local service centers. You may schedule a technician to assist with the setup.
  2. You may follow the instructions provided with your equipment and below and activate your connection on your own. The Information Technology Helpdesk (41950) will be available to answer quick questions if needed.

Configuring Information

The Basic configuration is:

  • Protocol: TCP/IP
  • Speed: 10mb
  • Duplex: Half
  • IP: DHCP / Obtain automatically
  • DNS: Disabled

Select your operating system from the list below to see detailed configuration instructions.


If you are having difficulties with your Ethernet connection, please verify the following information

  • Insure the Ethernet cable is plugged into your computer and to the network access port.
  • Insure that the Ethernet cable is plugged into the wall network access port and not the phone port. Active ports are red except for Sam Houston Village & Bearkat Village, which are blue.
  • Insure that you are using a Category 5 network cable. A phone cord will not work.
  • For security reasons an individual network access port will only allow one PC to connect through it. If another machine was plugged into the port or if you have replaced your network card, contact the Helpdesk at x41950 and request a work order to reset your network access port.

Additional Troubleshooting

Additional troubleshooting tips are included on the Windows, Macintosh and Linux configuration pages. Please use this information as a general reference and refer to the documentation on your specific operating system and equipment for specifics. You may also consider contacting a local service center.


Information Technology is not responsible for damages, loss of data or anything else that might occur from following these procedures. These procedures are intended for students who are knowledgeable about setting up a network. Students who don’t feel computer literate are encouraged to have someone they trust configure their computer for them.


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