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Activating Your Account

SHSU provides a computer account to each accepted/enrolled student. When the computer account is activated you may access any computer in any of the Information Technology computer labs. On the network there are over 70 software packages for student use including stat packages, browsers, Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, and Photo Shop. Information Technology issues a "roaming profile." This provides you with the flexibility of using any of the University computers and having the system "remember" what you have previously installed for your use.

Document Storage

There is a place to store your work. This space is called your S:\ drive and it is part of your roaming profile. You can save documents, pictures, and other files. There is a limit (quota) of 200 Megabytes for student S:\ drives. To conserve space, avoid saving MP3 files or movie files on the S:\ drive.

Other drives of interest are the T:\ drive where some professors store their notes and other files they may want you to access. The web server (U:\ drive) also provides a specific space just for your usage (20 Megabytes). You may use this for creating a web site for showing family and friends your experience at SHSU.

Do not store documents, music, or other files on your Desktop. The Desktop should only have shortcuts to files stored elsewhere.


Your student account includes e-mail privileges. Your e-mail address will be your username@shsu.edu. The University will be using this account for official University correspondence. If you have another e-mail account such as Hotmail or Yahoo that you prefer to use, you may forward your SHSU account e-mail to the other e-mail account. This may make it easier to keep track of e-mail, since you will not have to check two different e-mail accounts. You can use SamMail, Netscape, or Outlook for your e-mail access.

You may create an alias through SamWeb if you'd like for your e-mail address.

Internet Access

If you are living on campus and have a computer, you may purchase an Ethernet card in order to use a high-speed connection from your room. All of the residence halls (except Colony Apartments) have Ethernet connections so using the Internet will not tie up your suite's phone line. We have a step-by-step guide showing how to set up the Ethernet connection. If you have need help understanding the instructions, you can call the Helpdesk at 936-294-1950.

If you use your residence hall connection you can have access to on-campus drives by connecting to network shares. This will allow you to access your S drive, the T drive, and your U drive.

When can I use the Computer Labs?

The lab schedules vary. The schedules are posted on each lab door and on the Web site.

What if I need help getting started in the computer lab?

Ask a Lab Assistant. You can easily identify the student Lab Assistants by the Lab Assistant sign near their workstations.

If you are interested in applying for a lab assistant position, check the Career Services web site. Positions will be advertised when they become available. When applying, you need to download and fill out a Texas Employment Application and drop it off at the Information Technology Office in AB1 room 118.


Information Technology also offers online training for creating web pages, accessing online classrooms, setting up Netscape Mail, and many other items of interest to students. In one of our labs, just click the Help icon on your PC desktop for access more information.

Should you ever have any problems with your account you can call the Helpdesk at extension 41950, or ask one of the Lab Assistants in any computer lab on campus.

Will Information Technology provide technical support for personal computers?

No. Sam Houston State's Information Technology Department cannot provide technical assistance for personally-owned workstations. A list of local vendors is available via the Information Technology Web site.


Your primary resources for administrative support are through the SamWeb system and the Sam Menu. These system includes options to update your addresses, check your financial aid, register, request Buckley privacy, pay your tuition by credit card, and look at your grades.

Your Responsibilities

The Information Technology web page details policies and procedures for the use of the SHSU network and its workstations. It is your responsibility to review these security, licensing, acceptable computing use, and virus requirements.


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