Using the Sound Recorder


Step 1: Go to your start button and choose programs.



Step 2: Choose “Accessories” then “Multimedia”



Step 3: Select “Sound Recorder”



Step 4:  The “Sound Recorder” box will appear. Click on the Burgundy Circle to record.  It is a good idea to print out your PowerPoint and script what instructions you would like for each slide. Then you can link the sound to the icon. The recorder works just like a tape recorder so you can play the sound back and redo it if you don’t like it.


Text Box: Press here to Stop

Text Box: Press Here to Play
Text Box: Press here to record your voice.





Step 5: Save your sound. I would name each by the slide number such as “sounds1” for slide one that way you will be able to link the files easily.  Also it is a good idea to save the sounds on your desktop so that you can easily retrieve them to put on your “PowerPoint”.



If you are still having trouble recording sound please contact the TxCAE Coordinator Joe Kortz at 936-294-1124 for assistance. You can use other sound software that you may have this is just an example of software that comes with your computer.