Putting Intermittent Sound Instructions on Your PowerPoint Tutorial



Step 1: Choose a fun icon that would go with the theme of what you are presenting with your tutorial.  Example: A wizard, an owl, smart guy, smart girl etc.



















Step 2: After you select the graphic icon, then click on custom animation.







Step 3: When the “Custom Animation” window appears select your graphic by clicking in the check box.





Step 4: Select the “Sound” pull down menu. And choose “other sound”.





Step 5: Add the sounds that you saved. This is why it is important to name them something that you can easily access for each slide.








Step 6: You can preview the sound and animation and make adjustments before you press “OK”.








You have just added voiced instruction to your PowerPoint. If you have any problems please contact TxCAE Technology Coordinator Joe Kortz at 936-294-1124 or by e-mail at txcae@shsu.edu.