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You must have a password to take the Post Tests on Blackboard! If you have forgotten your password, please see your Teacher Monitor. All Post Test must be taken during your tutorial period. Lessons with the paragraph symbol have been impaticized. These lessons do not need PowerPoint software to view tutorials. We are working to impaticize all lessons.

TEK # and Objective
Pre Test
Post Test
TEK 5.1 A &B, 5.3A
TEK 5.1 A & B
TEKS 5.1 A&B
TEKS 5.2 A & B
TEK 5.3 B
TEK 5.4 Obj 10
TEK 5.4A
TEK 5.4A. 5.4B Obj. 13
TEKS 5.4 A&B
TEK 5.4B
TEK 5.5A Obj 2
TEK 5.8 Obj 3
TEK 5.9
TEK 5.11
TEK 5.11 A
TEK 5.11 A
TEK 5.11B Obj 4
TEKS 5.11a, Obj 4 How do you measure up ? How do you measure up ? How do you measure up ?
TEK 5.12 A & B
TEK 5.13 Obj 5
TEK 5.13A Obj 5
TEK 5.13B Obj 5
TEK 5.13C
TEK 5.14
TEK 5.14
TEK 5.14A
TEKS 5.14B, OBJ 11 & 13
TEKS 5.14B, OBJ 11 & 13
TEK5.14c, Obj 11,12 & 13
TEK 6.1D
TEK 6.1E Obj 1
TEK 6.1E Obj 1
TEK 6.2A
TEK 6.2A
TEK 6.2C Obj. 8
TEK 6.2C Obj. 9
TEK 6.2D Obj 10 13
TEK 6.3B– Obj2
TEK 6.4B Obj 2
TEK 6.6A Obj. 3
TEK 6.6B Obj. 3
TEK 6.6B Obj 3
TEK 6.6C Obj3
TEK 6.7A Obj 3
TEK 6.8B Obj 4
TEK 6.8D Obj 4
TEK 6.9A Obj 5
TEK 6.8B Obj 4
TEK 6.8C Obj 4
TEK 6.10A Obj 5
Tek 6.10a Obj 10
TEK 6.10B
TEK 6.10C Obj 5
TEK 10A Obj 4B
TEK 11 A, B
TEKS 11a,b Obj. 4
TEK 11A Obj 4
TEK 111.17.5 10 B


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