When Did It Happen in the Story?

Post test


Read the following paragraph and answer the questions below.

The students in Ms. Brown's class at Epps Island Elementary studied the three states of matter for a week. After outlining the important points in a program called Inspiration, Ms. Brown took digital pictures of students performing three experiments. The students then inserted their pictures into PowerPoint slideshows. To learn vocabulary words, students used the draw program in AppleWorks. They wrote the word, drew an illustration, defined the word, and told what it was not. On the last day, students answered 27 questions at the end of the chapter using their books. Then, students left their answers at their desks and sat on the floor in front of the projector screen. Ms. Brown projected the questions on the screen, and students used remote controls to enter their answer choices on an eInstruction machine. They anxiously awaited each question, because it was so much fun to click an answer. When all the questions were answered, Ms. Brown printed a report of the grades and entered them in her grade book.

1. What did students do first when studying the three states of matter?
a. Outlined the important points.
b. Made a slide show.
c. Did experiments.
d. Defined vocabulary words.

2. What happened just before Ms. Brown entered the grades in her grade book?
a. Students answered all the questions.
b. Students clicked answers.
c. Students sat on the floor.
d. She printed a report.

3. What did the students do after writing the word in AppleWorks draw program?
a. Told what it was not.
b. Illustrated the word.
c. Defined the word.
d. Put their picture in it.

4. What happened just before Ms. Brown took digital pictures?
a. Students inserted their pictures into a slideshow.
b. Students answered 27 questions.
c. Students drew illustrations.
d. Students outlined important points.

5. When did the students use their remotes to enter click answers?
a. After they sat on the floor.
b. After Ms. Brown took their pictures.
c. After they told what a vocabulary word was not.
d. After illustrating a vocabulary word.


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Read the paragraph and answer the questions that follow.

Mrs. Thomas was hurrying to finish selecting music for the next several weeks. Soon the choir would arrive to practice songs for school. Nancy was the first one to arrive. She arranged all the chairs while Mrs. Thomas passed out the music. Deborah, one of the choir members, called to say that she was running late but would be there soon. After choir members greeted one another and settled down, Mrs. Thomas started choir practice with a song in a medium range that they all knew to warm up their voices. Practice seemed to get harder and harder as they continued to learn new songs with more difficult rhythms. Before stopping for the evening, the choir selected one song to sing that they had sung several months ago and really liked. Mrs. Thomas agreed. After the choir members all left, Mrs. Thomas put the music away, turned off the lights, and locked the choir room.

6. What happened just after Nancy arrived?
a. Choir members greeted one another.
b. She arranged all the chairs.
c. Mrs. Thomas passed out the music
d. Deborah called.

7. What happened just before the choir sang a song in a medium range?
a. Choir members greeted one another.
b. Nancy arranged all the chairs.
c. Mrs. Thomas passed out the music.
d. Deborah called.

8. What did the choir do before stopping for the evening?
a. Practiced hard new songs with difficult rhythms.
b. Arranged all the chairs.
c. Warmed up their voices.
d. Selected one song to sing on Sunday.

9. What happened after the choir members left?
a. Mrs. Thomas hurried to finish selecting music.
b. Mrs. Thomas turned off the lights.
c. Mrs. Thomas locked the door.
d. Mrs. Thomas put the music away.

10. What happened after Mrs. Thomas passed out the music?
a. Deborah called.
b. Choir members arrived.
c. Choir members greeted each other.
d. The choir sang a song in a medium range.

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