Stretch the Sentence with Articles, Nouns, and Pronouns


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1. Extending a sentence means to:
A. add a noun and a verb
B. add a noun and a verb and an adjective
C. add answers to when, where, what, how and why
D. add extra words to make it longer

2. What part of speech do you start with when writing an extended sentence?
A. a verb
B. a noun
C. a pronoun
D. an adjective

3. Answering what questions will extend your sentence?
A. who
B. who, what, when, where
C. who, why, how
D. when, where, what, how, why

4. An article is sometimes called:
A. an extra word
B. a noun placer
C. a part of speech
D. a connector

5. A, an, or the shows that:
A. a verb is coming
B. an adjective is coming
C. a pronoun is coming
D. a noun is coming

6. A noun is a part of speech that:
A. names a person, place, or thing
B. shows action
C. describes
D. takes the place of a pronoun

7. Extending sentences makes them:
A. boring
B. too long for the reader
C. vivid
D. too hard to read

8. Every sentence should:
A. be brief
B. not be extended
C. have only necessary words
D. be the same length in a paragraph

9. You should:
A. vary the way you start sentences
B. start sentences with an article
C. start sentences with a phrase
D. vary the way you use adjectives

10. A pronoun takes the place of:
A. an adjective
B. a verb
C. a noun
D. an adverb

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