Stretch the Sentence with Articles, Nouns, and Pronouns

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1. A pronoun:
A. names a person, place, or thing
B. takes the place of a noun
C. shows action
D. describes a noun

2. A short sentence:
A. paints a picture in the reader's mind
B. is descriptive
C. doesn't paint a picture in the reader's mind
D. is more interesting to read

3. In good writing, you should:
A. make sentences about the same length
B. keep sentences short and clear
C. vary the beginning of sentences
D. start sentences with nouns or articles

4. You start writing an extended sentence by thinking of:
A. an action word
B. an article
C. a pronoun
D. a noun

5. An article:
A. shows that a noun is coming
B. is used before a verb
C. can be a, an, any, the
D. is rarely used in writing

6. Answering these questions will extended a sentence:
A. who, when
B. when, where, what, how, why
C. who, where, what, how, why
D. who, when, where, how, why

7. In writing, you should make:
A. each sentence an extended sentence
B. vary sentence length
C. all sentences short
D. all sentences long

8. Which of the following are pronouns?
A. Tim, Mary, John
B. fly, swim, talk
C. a, an, the
D. he, she, it, them, they

9. Which of the following are nouns?
A. boat, fish, Jim
B. it, she, they
C. sink, float, swim
D. a, an, the

10. Which of the following are verbs?
A. phone, table, book
B. talk, whisper, sing
C. it, he, she
D. a, an, the

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