Spelling II

Pre Test

Check the spelling for the bold word, and choose the correct spelling.

1. The monkies were following the people as they walked through the territory.
A. replace monkies with monkey
B. replace monkies with monkeys
C. replace monkies with monikey
D. No error.

2. The skies were overcast and gray.
A. replace skies with skys
B. replace skies with skie
C. replace skies with skiis
D. No error.

3. The toweles were all over the floor after she showered.
A. replace toweles with towel
B. replace toweles with towels
C. replace toweles with towelees
D. No error.

4. The beaches were beautiful, and the white sand felt good on the toes.
A. replace beaches with beach
B. replace beaches with beaches
C. replace beaches with beachs
D. No error.

5. The leafs were turning brown and falling off the trees.
A. replace leafs with leaves
B. replace leafs with leaf
C. replace leafs with lefes
D. No error.

6. The sandwichs were left on the table last night and now are spoiled.
A. replace sandwichs with sandwich
B. replace sandwichs with sandwhich
C. replace sandwichs with sandwiches
D. No error.

7. The boy picked the cherrys and had red fingers for two days.
A. replace cherrys with cherry
B. replace cherrys with cherries
C. replace cherrys with cheries
D. No error.

8. The cargos on the ships were placed on the dock by a crane.
A. replace cargos with cargo
B. replace cargos with cargoss
C. replace cargos with cargoes
D. No error.

9. He split the apple into two halves.
A. replace halves with halvese
B. replace halves with halfes
C. replace halves with half
D. No error.

10. The stereos were stolen and sold at an auction.
A. replace stereos with stereo
B. replace stereos with stereoos
C. replace stereos with stereoes
D. No error.

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