Spelling 1

Post Test


Check the spelling for the bold word, and choose the correct spelling.

1. The twelve deer were running along the side of the road.
A. replace deer with deers
B. replace deer with deeries
C. replace deer with deeres
D. No error

2. Her cloths were covered in mud after she washed the dog in the backyard.
A. replace cloths with clothes
B. replace cloths with clothies
C. replace cloths with clothys
D. No error

3. The keyes were on the shelf high above her head.
A. replace keyes with keies
B. replace keyes with keyss
C. replace keyes with keys
D. No error

4. He tried to ride his bike between two vallies, but he was unable to go to the top of one hill.
A. replace vallies with valles
B. replace vallies with valleys
C. replace vallies with valliys
D. No error

5. The young child had beautiful, long eyelashs that touched the top of her eyebrow.
A. replace eyelashs with eyelashies
B. replace eyelashs with eyelashes
C. replace eyelashs with eyelashis
D. No error

6. The tomatos were bright red and juicy and were great on our hamburgers.
A. replace tomatos with tomatost
B. replace tomatos with tomatoes
C. replace tomatos with tomatoies
D. No error

7. The bluebonneits were growing at the edge of the Texas highway.
A. replace bluebonnets' with bluebonneties
B. replace bluebonnets' with bluebonnetss
C. replace bluebonnets' with bluebonnets
D. No error

8. She had filled three diaries with her thoughts and feelings and was going to start a fourth.
A. replace diaries with dairyst
B. replace diaries with diary
C. replace diaries with diarys
D. No error

9. The huge flock of gooses were flying south for the winter.
A. replace gooses with geese
B. replace gooses with goose
C. replace gooses with goze
D. No error

10. The bush's leaves were alive with bees that were trying to get the pollen from the flowers.
A. replace bush's leaves with bush's leavies
B. replace bush's leaves with bush's leavs
C. replace bush's leaves with bush's leafs
D. No error

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