Recognizing Elements of a Short Story

Pre Test

Choose the correct answer to the question.

1. The sequence of events of a story is the
a. climax
b. plot
c. setting
d. character

2. Where the story takes place is called the
a. setting
b. plot
c. character
d. theme

3. The moral or lesson to be learned is called the
a. plot
b. resolution
c. conflict
d. theme

Please read the following selection and answer the questions.

The blaring alarm clock went off, and Carlos jumped out of his bed. Normally, Carlos would have turned off the alarm and gone back to sleep, but today was a special day. Carlos found his favorite old sneakers, searched for his "good luck" shirt, and packed the items in his overnight bag. Carlos was finally going fishing with his dad and older brother.
Every year his dad and older brother went for a weekend fishing trip, but they always told him that he was too young. Now, one year later, he would be given the chance to show that he could fish with the big guys. Not only did he have his gear ready, he practiced the fishing techniques that he had learned in his fishing magazines. Since they didn't live near any water, he pretended his backyard was a lake filled with fish. He didn't need water to learn how to cast his rod. Even in his mind, he visualized how he would catch the biggest fish.
In fact, in his dream last night, he snagged a big bass on his hook. Fighting to release itself from the deadly hook, the bass pulled their boat a few yards. What a dream! Now, he was determined to make his dream into reality, so he carefully picked up his fishing pole and gear. At 5:15 a.m. he was in the car and ready to go.
There was only one problem. Where were his fellow fishing buddies? Slowly his fishing buddies dragged themselves to the car. How could they be asleep at such an exciting time like this? His big brother questioned, "Carlos, where are all your fishing magazines? You know it won't do you any good." "We will see who catches the most fish," Carlos confidently replied. Carlos knew in is heart that his dream would come true.
4. Carlos can best described as
a. lazy
b. enthusiastic
c. sincere
d. scared

5. The first event that happened in the story is
a. The alarm went off.
b. He found a shirt.
c. He picked up his fishing pole.
d. He yelled for his dad and brother to hurry.

6. Carlos is able to go fishing this year because
a. He is old enough.
b. He read magazines about fishing.
c. His parents are tired of him begging to go.
d. He made high grades in school.

7. Which one of the following events did NOT happen in the story?
a. Carlos found a pair of shoes.
b. Carlos waited in the car for his dad and brother.
c. Carlos turned off the alarm clock and went back to sleep.
d. Carlos had dreams about catching a big fish.

8. Why hasn't Carlos gone fishing with his dad and brother before?
a. He was too young.
b. He didn't know how to fish.
c. His brother and he fight all the time.
d. This was the only time Carlos wanted to go fishing.

9. The theme of the passage is
a. Never give up on your dreams.
b. You should have a close relationship with your brother.
c. You need to read about your hobby.
d. It is important to start everyday early in the morning.

10. Why does Joe read about fishing?
a. He wants to improve his fishing technique.
b. He is required to read 15 minutes every day.
c. Fishing magazines are the only type of magazines they have in the house.
d. Joe likes to read a lot.

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