Representing Text in a Timeline



Try this pre-test before you look at the tutorial. You may take this pre-test as many times as you like. Good Luck!

Click on the correct answer.

1. You can use a timeline to:
A. tell the order of events in a story.
B. to list dates in order.
C. write a letter.
D. to keep a journal

2. A timeline should:
A. not be used for a fictional story.
B. not be used for a true story.
C. not be used when studying history.
D. be used to organize facts in sequence.

3. Timelines are:
A. harder to make than story webs.
B. harder to make than outlines.
C. better than story webs or outlines.
D. none of the above

4. What kinds of stories can be placed on a timeline?
A. fiction
B. non-fiction
C. biographies
D. all of the above

5. It's hard to make a timeline for:
A. fiction
B. non-fiction
C. historical events
D. none of the above

6. A timeline presents the events in a story:
A. according to what time of day the events occurred.
B. in a connected, organized manner.
C. only according to the year events happened.
D. in a picture.



Read the following paragraphs and select the correct timelines.

7. Cristina von Lindenberg got tired of seeing graffiti painted on buildings in her neighborhood in Miami, Florida. She was the director of a local YMCA. To solve the problem, she had local artists paint murals on the buildings and asked kids from the Y to help. Streets were cleaned and plants were planted. Now, the area is beautiful and protected by the ones who were destroying it, because now they feel like they own it.

a. b.



8. Dr. Gary Parker, a dentist from California, bought an old nine-story ocean liner from Italy and spent three years restoring it, naming it the Anastasis. It is called a mercy ship because it is a hospital that travels from port to port in many countries. After the doctors and nurses screen thousands of people who line up to see a doctor, patients who can be helped by surgery are admitted to the ship and receive free treatment. So far over four million people in 41 countries have been helped.






9. While we were living in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we had two Siamese seal point kittens. We named them Peter Pan and Tinkerbell and called them Pete and Tink for short. As they were house cats, we had their front paws declawed. Tink was a wonderful pet-could give you some time alone but loved to be petted and liked to lie in your lap. On the other hand, Pete was an absolute nuisance! He followed you everywhere and meowed the entire time-very irritating. When we moved to Missouri, we sold the kittens. We couldn't stand the thought of Pete meowing all the way home.






10. There are test-taking strategies that will help you. First, you need to go back to the passage and find actual details by looking for key words. Then, you need to look for signal words such as next, finally, dates, time words, etc. Finally, you need to follow directions. The directions often use the same signal words and sometimes include numbered steps and use visual aids to help you. Follow these steps and use what they give you, and you will be a better test taker.






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