Reading/vocabulary Development

Reading 5.9B Post test


Read each passage. Then read each question that follows the passage. Decide which is the best answer to each question. Circle the letter for that answer.

The volleyball team and its problem

Our volleyball team is in first place in our town. We are scheduled to play in the state finals in just three weeks. Our coach told us that our team did not have enough money to pay for the bus, hotel and food while we were playing in the finals. All the players were upset when we heard this bad news.

Coach told us we must find a sponsor for the trip. She asked each of us to visit two stores in our town and ask them to sponsor us. We met and decided who would visit each store.

1 In this passage, the word sponsor means -

A a player
B an adult
C a supporter
D a storeowner


Paws the hungry cat

My cat's name is Paws. He lives outside. We keep his cat dish on the back porch and feed him every evening. Lately we noticed that Paws seemed hungry all the time. We also saw strange muddy footprints near his cat dish. They were too large to be his footprints. Some animal was eating Paws' food!

My Dad said that the footprints belonged to an elusive raccoon. They are nocturnal animals and sleep during the day. Everyone in the family watched the backyard to see the raccoon, but he was very smart. We never saw him. My Uncle said that the raccoon would not be around during the day, so we needed to watch after dark. We tried for a long time, but we never saw the raccoon, only his tracks.

2 In this passage, the word elusive means-

F slow
G aggressive
H hard to find
J brave

3 In the above passage, the word nocturnal means --

A moves about during the day
B a sneaky animal
C moves about at night
D having sharp claws


The science teacher's problem

Ms. Peterson was the best science teacher at Park Street School. Most of the students enjoyed her class; except Sammy. He would spend most of the class writing secret notes and passing them around to his friends. This disturbed the class as you can imagine.

Sometimes, Ms. Peterson would find a note and read it, which got Sammy into trouble. Sammy decided to create a code so Ms. Peterson would not be able to read the secret notes. He worked a long time designing the code. He thought he could write secret notes that Ms. Peterson could not read.

The next day, Sammy sent a note written in his new code. Ms. Peterson found it. Being a very smart science teacher, she was able to decipher it in less than ten minutes. Sammy was on his way to visit Mr. Jameson, the principal.

4 In this passage, the word decipher means to --

F change
G sell
H figure out
J remember

5 In this passage, the word designing means --

A hiding
B creating
C sending to another student
D erasing


Hotel Reservations

Our volleyball coach told us that we did not have a lot of time to find a sponsor for our trip to state playoffs. Lots of other teams were already making hotel reservations. Most of the rooms were already reserved.

Coach told us that in order to be sure we could reserve hotel rooms, we must find a sponsor prior to next Sunday. We knew that it was time to make sure we visited the storeowners.

6 In this passage, the words prior to mean --

F to do at a later date
G after
H around
J before


Big trouble in Oakville

When the candy factory closed in Oakville, most of the residents moved to other towns to find a job. You could walk all over and not see another person. Most of the buildings needed painting and repair.

There were not even any cats or dogs around. Oakville was desolate

7 In this passage, the word desolate means -

A no inhabitants
B unhappy
C rainy
D very humid

8 The best definition for the word "vocabulary" is -

F all of the non-fiction books in a library
G all of the words in a large dictionary
H words that begin with capital letters
J a list or collection of words or of words and phrases a person knows


Big trouble in the school band

It was late November and the Christmas concert was in only three weeks. Mary Verde, the only harpsichord player, had moved back to Dallas. Mr. Carpenter, the band director, did not know what he was going to do, as the best piece for the Christmas concert required a harpsichord.

There were other problems too. William Bartles, the kettledrum player, was causing trouble all the time. He was rude to Mr. Carpenter and to many of the kids in the band. Most everyone, including his parents, thought that William was very obnoxious.

Christmas came early for Mr. Carpenter when the Swanson twins moved to town one week before the concert. Susie Swanson played the harpsichord, and Sally Kelly played the kettledrum. And guess what? William Bartles got the flu and could not play in the concert, which went very well. The band got a standing ovation!

9 In this passage, the word harpsichord means -

A a Christmas song
B a Christmas costume for a band member
C a special game played only at Christmas
D a musical instrument

10 In this passage, the word obnoxious means -

F a poor kettledrum player
G not nice to people
H tired
J a good kettledrum player

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