Problem Solving With Multiplication And Division

Pre Test


1. In the diagram at the right, which multiplication problem does it represent?

a. 5 X 3
b. 3 X 3
c. 4 X 3
d. 4 X 4

2. Multiply 14 X 9 in your head. What's the answer
a. 140
b. 126
c. 131
d. 90

3. To find the area of a rectangle, we
a. Add the length plus the width times 2
b. Divide the length by the width
c. Add the length and the width together
d. Multiply the length times the width

4. Without counting the individual squares, how many are in this figure?

a. 120
b. 126
c. 132
d. 140

5. A rate is-
a. A fraction in which the numerator and denominator have different units of measure
b. A fraction in which the numerator and denominator have the same units of measure

6. When you convert dollars into another foreign currency, you check the current-
a. Money market funds
b. Exchange rates
c. Funds available
d. Cost of living

7. On a map, it says that one inch equals 7 miles. You measure the distance you are traveling and it is exactly 7 inches. How far will your trip be?
a. 7 miles
b. 70 miles
c. 49 miles
d. 100 miles

8. You are working in a restaurant for $6.00 per hour. You work a full 40 hour work week. Your salary will be-
a. $240.00
b. $24.00
c. $40.00
d. $400.00

9. Fractions that have the same unit of measure are called
a. Rates
b. Ratios

10. You are averaging 70 Miles per hour on the freeway. With no stops, how far will you go in 2 ½ hours.
a. 140 miles
b. 155 miles
c. 175 miles
d. 240 miles

Please print your answers. Click here to see the correct answers.