Problem Solving With Multiplication and Division II

Pre Test


1. How many foursquare teams can you make with four on a team if you have a group of 104 players at recess?
a. 21
b. 24
c. 26
d. 32

2. In this illustration, what division problem does this represent?

a. 28 ¸ 6 = 5 ½
b. 28 ¸ 7 = 4
c. 30 ¸ 4 = 7

3. Which model would be like dealing out a deck of cards?
a. A sharing model
b. A set model

4. If your division problem does not work out exactly to a whole number, the leftover amount is called
a. The extra
b. The divisor
c. The leftover amount
d. The remainder

5. When figuring miles per gallon, you are dealing with
a. Rate
b. Ratio

6. You're designing a map where 1 inch equals 20 miles. 400 miles would equal how many inches?
a. 10 inches
b. 20 inches
c. 30 inches
d. 40 inches

7. The previous problem dealt with
a. Ratio
b. Rate

8. Your car went 150 miles on 9 gallons of gasoline. How many miles per gallon are you getting? You may round it to the nearest mile.
a. 12
b. 17
c. 21
d. 32

9. Your class has 4 students that received straight A's. Your school had 36 straight A students. What percentage of the 36 straight A students are in your class. Round your answer.
a. 9 percent
b. 11 percent
c. 13 percent
d. 15 percent

10. In this figure, which number is the dividend?

a. 12
b. 170
c. 14
d. 2

Please print your answers. Click here to see the correct answers.