Problem Solving With Multiplication and Division II

Post Test


1. You school has 264 students. How many cafeteria tables do you need if they each seats 12 students?
a. 21
b. 24
c. 22
d. 32

2. In this illustration, what division problem does this represent?

a. 28 ¸ 6 = 5 ½
b. 28 ¸ 7 = 4
c. 30 ¸ 4 = 7

3. A sharing model is the type of model where you
a. Group one set at a time
b. "Deal out" one to each set at a time.

4. The remainder is the number-
a. That you divide by
b. That is left over
c. That you divide into

5. At rate is
a. A fraction where the numerator and denominator have the same unit of measure
b. A fraction where the numerator and denominator different units of measure
c. Neither of these

6. You're designing a map where 1 inch equals 5 miles. 30 miles would equal how many inches?
a. 3 inches
b. 4 inches
c. 6 inches
d. 150 inches

7. The previous problem dealt with
a. Ratio
b. Rate

8. Your car uses 12 gallons to go 230 miles. You have 40 more miles in your trip. How many miles per gallon are you getting? You may round it to the nearest mile.
a. 12
b. 17
c. 19
d. 32

9. Your school had 36 straight A students. Your class has 6 students that received straight A's. What percentage of the 36 straight A students are in your class. Round your answer.
a. 9 percent
b. 11 percent
c. 13 percent
d. 17 percent

10. In this figure, which number is the divisor?

a. 12
b. 170
c. 14
d. 2

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