Point of View, Motivation, Traits and Feelings


Check the letter of the most correct answer.

1. What is the best meaning of the word "motive?"

A a way of feeling
B to figure something out from clues
C something that causes a person to act
D curious

Read the following passage and answer the question.

Pretend you are at Wal Mart. As you are walking down the candy aisle, you notice a little boy crying and pulling on his mom's skirt as she pushes her cart towards the front of the store. The closer she gets to the front of the store, the louder the little boy screams. Lots of things could be wrong with the little boy, BUT we can probably conclude that he feels-

2. Choose the best answer.

F disappointed
G happy
H cautious
J dedicated

Read the following passage and answer the question.

Pretend you are at the doctor's office to get a shot. There are many children of all ages waiting their turn to see the doctor. That same little boy you saw at Wal Mart is sitting on his mother's lap screaming his head off just like he did in the candy aisle. No matter what she does, he will not stop.

3. How do you think he feels?

A jealous
B angry
C frightened
D proud

Read the following passage and answer the questions below.

Manuel was on the baseball team that was playing the first place team. Manuel was the best player on his team. Manuel invited his grandparents to watch him play, and today would be the first time they could come to a game. Manuel was having a very good day. The first time at bat, he got a hit. The second time to bat, he hit a home run.

Manuel's grandparents got lost on the way to the baseball field. When they finally arrived, they had missed his first two times at bat. Just as they sat down, it was Manuel's turn to bat. He took a little longer to step into the batter's box. He decided to concentrate especially hard this time at bat.

He swung and missed the first pitch. The next two pitches were outside the strike zone. The next pitch he hit a foul ball. Manuel was sweating more than usual as he stepped out of the batter's box to try to calm down.

He stepped back into the batter's box and concentrated on the pitcher. The pitcher wound up and threw the ball. It was a bit outside, but Manuel reached and hit it solidly. He liked the sound the ball made as it leaped off the bat. He started running for first base as fast as he could, but by then he could see the crowd standing and cheering as the ball cleared the center field fence.

As Manuel rounded third base, he could see his grandparents clapping and smiling. This was a good day for everyone.

4. The passage suggests that one of Manuel's traits is that he is -

F courageous
G kind
H athletic
J tall

5. What was the pitcher's point of view about pitching to Manuel?

A He was frightened.
B He wanted to strike out Manuel.
C He wanted Manuel's grandparents to be happy.
D He wanted to scare Manuel.

6. How did Manuel's grandparents probably feel after Manuel hit the home run?

F upset.
G proud
H curious
J all of the above

Read the passage below, and answer the questions.

Paul was driving his wrecker down Elm Street when his police radio reported an accident on Main Street. Paul turned on his flashers and headed to the site of the wreck. His was the first wrecker to arrive, so he knew he would do the towing if needed. He saw both drivers talking to the policewoman, so he figured no one was seriously injured. He parked his wrecker and walked over to examine the cars which both needed to be towed. He was smiling.

7. What was probably Paul's point of view about the wreck?

A He thought the drivers would need to rent cars so they could get to work.
B He thought the drivers would get in trouble with the police.
C He thought the wreck would cause a traffic jam.
D He thought the wreck was good because he would make money doing the towing.

8. What was probably the car driver's point of view about the wreck?

F They were happy that the wrecker driver would be able to tow their cars.
G They thought the wreck would cause a traffic jam.
H They thought the wreck was bad because they would be without a car and their insurance cost would go up.
J They thought the policewoman was taking too much time doing the report.

9. Which of the following is MOST likely to be an inherited trait?

A being kind to people
B green eyes
C courage
D working hard in school

10. What is probably the main motive that people have while working on a job?

E to be happy
F to earn money
G to be with people every day
H to learn new things

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