Pictures of Data

Pre Test Questions

1. What do we call it when a picture is displayed of data?
a. Poster
b. Chart
c. Graph
d. Display

2. When more than one variable is depicted in these pictures, they are referred to as
a. Multi colored
b. Two dimensional
c. Three dimensional
d. Bar graphs

3. A Map such as the one above is a graph
a. True
b. False

4. Look at the chart below- What percentage of the band candy did Kristen sell?

a. 4 percent
b. 8 percent
c. 21 percent
d. 52 percent

5. Which of these is not necessary in a Bar graph
a. Gridlines
b. Glossary
c. Labels for each axis

6. All bar graphs should start with
a. Zero
b. The amount of the first value that you are representing
c. One
d. The highest amount you are representing

7. Gridlines may be every
a. Unit
b. Two units
c. Hundred
d. It depends on the type of data you are representing

8. Bars in a bar graph must have the same thickness
a. True
b. False

9. When you are showing trends from month to month, it is better to use a
a. Bar graph
b. Circle graph

10. Graphs are great for making
a. Presentations
b. Reports
c. Both of these

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