Pictures of Data

Post Test Questions

1. A Map can also be a graph
a. True
b. False

2. In a Bar graph, the bars need to be
a. Consistent in thickness
b. The same color
c. Labeled with the amount

3. A circle graph is great for showing
a. Trends
b. Percentages

4. Look at the following chart- Who had the least tan M&M's

a. Leslie
b. Jamie
c. John
d. Kristen
e. Sarah

5. Look at the following chart- When did the stocks have the steepest rise?

a. March
b. June
c. October
d. May

6. The graph in number 5 is a
a. Bar graph
b. Circle graph

7. If more than one item of data is represented in the same graph, it is a ______ graph.
a. Multi data
b. Three dimensional
c. Complex

8. If you wanted to show the data of how each state voted in a Presidential Election, which of these would probably work best
a. A map with colorings for each candidate
b. A Bar graph with a separate bar for each state
c. A circle graph with a different color for each state

9. The criss cross lines on a graph are called-
a. Bar lines
b. Levels of importance
c. Item lines
d. Grid lines

10. To keep your audience's attention during a presentation, a graph is better than a chart with text.
a. True
b. False

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