Math on the Ragbrai-

Using the Proper tools to Solve Problems

TEK 6.8B Obj 4

Post Test Questions

1. A Cyclist is riding between two towns which are 36 miles apart. It takes two hours. What is the cyclist's average speed?
a. 12 mph
b. 18 mph
c. 22 mph
d. 27 mph

2. Our bus is getting 6 miles per gallon. How many gallons will it take to go 240 miles?
a. 40
b. 50
c. 60
d. 70

3. Your bicycle wheel is 28 inches in diameter. What is its circumference? Round your answer to the nearest inch
a. 79 inches
b. 80 inches
c. 81 inches
d. 88 inches

4. To find the circumference of a circle, what formula do you use?
a. Pi times the diameter squared
b. Pi times the diameter
c. Pi times the radius
d. Pi times the radius squared

5. Which of the following is the symbol for Pi


6. To find the area of a circle, one should use which of these formulas?
a. Pi times the radius
b. Pi times the radius squared
c. Pi times the diameter
d. Pi times the diameter squared

7. You start riding at 6 AM and ride to 7 PM the same day. How many hours did you ride?
a. 1 hour
b. 9 hours
c. 10 hours
d. 11 hours

8. Your bedroom measures 6 feet by 7 feet. How many square feet are in the room?
a. 42
b. 62
c. 74
d. 96

9. You are riding into a constant headwind of 9 miles per hour. Your speedometer is reading 10 miles per hour. How fast are you riding into the air?
a. 29 MPH
b. 10 MPH
c. 19 MPH
d. 21 MPH

10. On a seven day bike ride you ride 48 miles on Sunday, 82 miles on Monday, 100 miles on Tuesday, 96 miles on Wednesday, 88 Miles on Thursday, 52 miles on Friday, and 76 miles on Saturday. What is the average distance per day? Round your answer.
a. 74
b. 77
c. 83
d. 92

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