Math is Everywhere!



1. Stepping on a scale to see how much you weigh is an example of ______.
a) probability
b) addition
c) division
d) measurement

2. Which of the following activities does NOT involve math?
a) finding the sale price of a sweater
b) comparing price tags of two sweaters
c) finding a red sweater
d) calculating the tax on a sweater

3. Which of the following math skills does cooking muffins NOT involve?
a) measurement
b) graphing
c) addition
d) estimation

4. Keeping track of the score in a football game involves________.
a) addition
b) division
c) subtraction
d) multiplication

5. When Steven fills a graduated cylinder with water in Science class, he is ___________.
a) multiplying
b) measuring
c) dividing
d) graphing

6. Which of the following school subjects use math?
a) PE
b) Science
c) both of the above
d) none of the above

7. When your mother only gives you ½ of your allowance, she calculates it by __________.
a) adding
b) subtracting
c) multiplying
d) dividing

8. Joan thinks she has enough gas in her car to make it to the store. Joan is ___________.
a) estimating
b) dividing
c) graphing
d) multiplying

9. Knowing how to dress appropriately for the weather is an indication that you know how to____________.
a) add double digit numbers
b) subtract fractions
c) read a thermometer
d) read a graph

10. If Mark wanted to know how many pages were left in the book he was reading, he should ___________ the page number he is on from the total number of pages in the book.
a) add
b) subtract
c) multiply
d) divide

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