Math is Everywhere!

Post Test


1. When your dad uses a thermometer to see if you have a temperature, he is ___________.

a) graphing
b) measuring
c) subtracting
d) dividing


2. Balancing a check book involves__________.

a) addition
b) subtraction
c) both of the above
d) none of the above


3. Which of the following activities does NOT involve math?

a) comparing the prices of two cereal boxes
b) calculating the tax on cereal
c) calculating the sale price of the cereal
d) putting the cereal in your shopping cart


4. Coach Ramirez wanted to compare the number of sit ups each student did in his 4th period class. He can best compare them by ___________.

a) adding them all together
b) estimating the results
c) making a graph
d) dividing them by two


5. Matthew is ____________ when he thinks he has enough money to buy a bike.

a) estimating
b) measuring
c) graphing
d) dividing


6. Which of the following activities does not involve using math?

a) paying bills
b) writing checks
c) buying gasoline
d) washing dishes


7. What math skill would you need to know if you wanted to keep score in a baseball game?

a) estimation
b) probability
c) fractions
d) addition


8. Filling a test tube with 3 ounces of water is ___________.

a) subtracting
b) measuring
c) estimating
d) dividing


9. Linda's last paycheck was two times her normal paycheck, Her boss calculated her wages by ____________.

a) adding
b) subtracting
c) multiplying
d) dividing


10. Knowing how to slice a pizza up evenly involves knowledge of __________.

a) graphing
b) fractions
c) probability
d) statistics

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