Inferences I

Post Test


Read the following passage and answer the question.

One of the rarest animals in the world is the okapi. They live in the rain forest in Central Africa. Few people have seen one alive. Every few years someone claims to see one, but they never have proof. A few years ago, some scientists who were studying plants found a skeleton, teeth and some skin in a remote area of the rain forest. They were excited, as they believed they had found the remains of a rare okapi. They drew a picture of what they thought the animal might have looked like when it was alive. The scientists then sent the picture along with the skeleton, teeth and skin to a scientific institution in Dallas, Texas.

1. What did the scientists probably do with the skeleton, teeth and bones?

A Sent them to a place with more experienced scientists.
B Kept them for souvenirs
C Studied them carefully and compared them to other animals
D Sold them to museums that displayed them

2. What is a good tip to use when taking a reading test?

F Read the story backwards.
G Read only the first and last paragraphs.
H Find key words in the question, and scan the story for the words.
J All of the above

3. What is the best meaning of the term "drawing inferences?"

A something you would do in art class
B to figure something out from clues
C something you would do in math class
D curiosity


Read the following passage and answer the question.

Pretend you are at the grocery store. As you are walking down the cookie aisle, you notice a little girl crying and pulling on her mom's coat as she pushes the cart towards the front of the store. The closer she gets to the front of the store, the louder the little girl screams. Lots of things could be wrong with the little girl, BUT we can probably conclude that-

4. Choose the best answer.

F The little girl is very tired.
G The little girl is hungry.
H She wants cookies, and her mom said no.
J She wants her father.


Read the following passage and answer the question.

Pretend you are at the dentist's office to get a filling. There are many children of all ages waiting their turn to see the dentist. That same little girl you saw at the grocery store is sitting on her mother's lap screaming her head off just like she did in the candy aisle. No matter what the mother does to try and calm her, she will not stop screaming.

5. What can you conclude this time?

A She is still angry about not getting the cookies.
B She has an tooth ache.
C She is scared because she is there to get a filling.
D There are not enough clues to draw a conclusion.



Read the following passage and answer the question.

Manuel was on the baseball team that was playing the first place team. It was the first game that his grandparents and uncle Thomas attended. Manuel swung his bat while looking for his family in the large crowd. Just as he spotted his grandmother, his greatest fear came true. He lost his grip on the bat, and it started to fall. Even though he caught it quickly, Manuel's face became red. He felt as if he had made a horrible mistake and everyone were staring at him.

6. The passage suggests that Manuel almost dropped his bat partly because he -

F was thinking about the baseball game
G wasn't strong enough
H was looking for his family
J was frightened by a loud noise

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