Inferencing II


Read each selection, and answer the questions.

Jason knew that he would be in trouble if his parents caught him coming into the house. His muddy feet and clothes had to come off. Jason had made a huge mud puddle in his backyard, and before he knew it, he was covered with mud from head to toe. If he could just get upstairs without being caught, then he could get in the shower, and he wouldn't get in trouble. Quietly he sneaked into the house and peeked around the corners as he moved toward the stairs. He was almost to his room! His heart was pumping and the blood was roaring in his ears. He put his foot on the last stair when his sister stepped out on to the landing and yelled, "You better not let mom see you!" Jason rolled his eyes and ran into his room. He drew a breath of relief; he had made it to his room undetected by his parents. Before he could enjoy the moment, he heard a loud, familiar voice, "Jason, come down here immediately! I need to talk to you!"

1. You can tell that
a. Jason has a good relationship with his sister.
b. Jason was scared that his parents would discover how muddy he was.
c. Jason is out of shape.
d. Jason played in the mud at a neighbor's house.

2. At the end of the passage, you can infer that
a. Jason's parents are angry.
b. Jason's parents want to ask him how is day was.
c. his sister is calling his name.
d. Jason's bedroom is downstairs.

3. When Jason reaches his room, he plans to
a. call his best friend.
b. take a shower.
c. work on the computer.
d. change his clothes and go back outside.

Horses were his life. He was hoping that he would get a horse for Christmas, but he knew his family couldn't afford one. He had been working at the local barn taking care of others' horses and saving his money. He knew he didn't have enough money to buy a horse. Daydreaming and dragging along to work on Saturday morning, he stumbled into his boss. That was odd, James didn't know why his boss was there. The boss rarely worked with horses since he had a lot of paperwork to do. Just then, his parents drove up along with the owner of his favorite horse, Oreo. His boss began to explain that Oreo's owner had to move out of state and couldn't take his horse with him. James stood there shocked and bewildered as they told him that Oreo would be his if he wanted him. Oreo's owner said, "I think you'll need this," as he handed him Oreo's saddle.

4. You can tell that Jason's boss
a. knows that Jason deserves the horse.
b. doesn't like Oreo's owner.
c. works in stalls with Jason most of the time.
d. wants Jason to take better care of Oreo.

5. When the owner gives Jason Oreo's saddle, you can infer
a. that the owner wants Jason to saddle the horse, so the owner can ride him.
b. that Oreo has not been trained with a saddle.
c. that Jason has enough money to pay for this saddle.
d. the owner wants to give Oreo to Jason.

6. The mood (the feeling created by reading a selection) at the beginning of the story is
a. hopelessness.
b. confidence.
c. confusing.
d. mysterious.

Superstitions came to be in ancient times because people didn't understand what was happening in the world. For example, the people didn't understand diseases. When someone was sick, they thought that spirits or demons made him ill. To cure the sick person, they followed superstitious customs, hoping to control the evil sprits. A long time ago in Greece, mothers had ways to protect their sleeping babies from witches and other evil spirits. When a mother put the baby to sleep, she would sing a lullaby. Next, she would stand in front of the fire and turn around three times. By performing this ritual, the mother would believe her baby was safe. Superstitions are still believed today.

7. You can tell that people in ancient Greece were
a. very superstitious.
b. like to sing.
c. sick a lot.
d. afraid of fire.

8. When a mom put her baby to sleep, you can infer that
a. she thought that evil spirits would do harm to her baby.
b. the baby had to listen to a song, or the infant wouldn't go to sleep.
c. she put garlic around the baby's neck.
d. she put the fire out.

Jewelry is one way that people show their love for gemstones. One of the most popular gemstones is the blue topaz. Topaz comes in several different colors after it is heat-treated, but it starts off as a clear stone. It is mined from the earth, and it comes out as a plain, clear stone called white topaz. To get the light blue and dark blue colors, the white topaz is "heat- treated." The stones are placed in extreme heat to turn them blue. The light blue stone is called "Swiss blue topaz." The darker, deeper blue stone is called the "London blue topaz." There is another topaz is that is heated and makes a kaleidoscope of colors called "mystic blue topaz."

9. You can tell that
a. the color of the stone determines what the stone will be called.
b. the London blue topaz is the most popular gemstone.
c. for the topaz to turn colors, it has to be heat-treated.
d. the blue topaz is very expensive because it has to be heat-treated.

10. The author suggests that
a. many people have not heard of the blue topaz.
b. topaz is found in the mountains of Peru.
c. topaz starts off colorless.
d. it takes a very long time for a topaz to turn colors.

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