How Full Can You Go?

Post test Questions

1. Volume is __________________.
a) the number of square units needed to cover an area.
b) an approximate rather than an exact answer.
c) the distance around a polygon.
d) the number of cubic units that fit inside a space figure.

2. _________ is the formula for finding volume.
a) V= l + w + h
b) V= l + w x h
c) V= l x w x h
d) V= l x w + h

3. Which of the follow answers is written in cubic units?
a) 43 mm
b) 43 mm2
c) 43 mm3
d) 43 mm4

4. What is the volume of a box with a length of 5 in, width of 2 in, and height of 4 in?
a) 40 in3
b) 22 in3
c) 14 in3
d) 11 in3

5. A bag has a length of 25 cm, width of 25 cm, and height of 25 cm. What is the volume of the bag?
a) 25 cm3
b) 75 cm3
c) 15,550 cm3
d) 15,625 cm3

6. What is the volume of a suitcase that is 50 cm in length, 27 cm in width, and 19 cm in height?
a) 26,560 cm3
b) 25,650 cm3
c) 24,700 cm3
d) 96 cm3

7. What is the volume of a crate that is 13 m long, 9 m wide and 13 m tall?
a) 33 m3
b) 1,163 m3
c) 1,521 m3
d) 1,831 m3

8. What is volume of a cereal box with a height of 15 in, width of 5 in, and length of 7 in?
a) 525 in3
b) 505 in3
c) 255 in3
d) 225 in3

9. A shopping cart has a length of 6 feet, width of 3 feet, and height of 3 feet. What is its volume?
a) 12 ft3
b) 21 ft3
c) 35 ft3
d) 54 ft3

10. What is the volume of a box that is 24 cm long, 13 cm wide and 21 cm high?
a) 6,255 cm3
b) 6,552 cm3
c) 7,857 cm3
d) 8,752 cm3


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