TEKS 5.2 A & B

Post Test Questions

1. A fraction is a number ____________.
a. used to name a part of a group or part of the whole
b. in a math problem
c. used to represent a point on a grid
d. of people in a room

2. The _________ is the top number in a fraction.
a. terminator
b. denominator
c. numerator
d. number

3. The number of parts there are in the whole is called the _________.
a. demonstrative
b. divisor
c. numerator
d. denominator

4. Equivalent fractions represent _________.
a. the same place on a grid
b. two different amounts
c. point a and point b
d. the same number

5. Choose the fraction that represents this picture.

a. 2/5
b. 1/3
c. 1/2
d. 3/4

6. Which fraction is equivalent to 1/3?
a. 4/6
b. 5/7
c. 3/6
d. 2/6

7. Which fraction is equivalent to 1/2?
a. 3/9
b. 2/4
c. 1/4
d. 4/5

8. Which fraction is NOT equivalent to 2/3?
a. 6/9
b. 3/5
c. 4/6
d. 8/12

9. Which fraction is equivalent to 1/8?
a. 2/10
b. 4/8
c. 2/16
d. 8/10

10. Which one is NOT an example of using fractions in life?
a. 4 people in a family
b. size 8 1/2 shoes
c. 4 1/3 yards of material
d. 1/2 teaspoon sugar

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