Fact and Opinon 3

Post test

Decide if the following statements are facts or opinions. Mark the correct answer.

1. Before you go to bed, you need to wash your face.
a. fact b. opinion

2. Doctors recommend that you eat 3-4 servings of vegetables everyday.
a. fact b. opinion

3. Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all times.
a. fact b. opinion

4. Joe hurt his ankle playing football.
a. fact b. opinion

5. My mom wraps our Christmas ornaments carefully in bubble wrap to protect them.
a. fact b. opinion

6. Everyone needs to recycle paper, aluminum can, and plastic bottles.
a. fact b. opinion

7. Molly saved her money, so she could buy the computer that costs $1,800.00.
a. fact b. opinion

8. Everyone loves rocking chairs.
a. fact b. opinion

Read the following selection and answer the questions.
Peru, which is found in South America, consists of terrain from desert to mountains. Near the coast of the South Pacific there are deserts. Peru extends to the Andes Mountains, and it even has a beautiful rainforest near the mountains. The country is densely populated with Indians. It is full of natural resources such as: copper, silver, lead and zinc. Fishing is a major industry in Peru. The people are poor and are barely able to make their living. Peru is bordered by Brazil to the east of Bolivia and Chile to the south and Ecuador to the north. The capital of Peru is Lima and is home to over five million people which makes it the largest city in the country.

9. Which one of the following is a Fact in the passage?
a. Peru is in South America.
b. Peru is the capital of South America.
c. Peru is a beautiful city.
d. Peru doesn't have many Indians.

10. Which one of the following is an Opinion in the passage?
a. Fishing is a major industry in Peru.
b. Five million people live in Lima.
c. People like to travel to Peru because of the scenery.
d. Peru has beautiful rainforest.

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