Try These Angles!- Exploring Angles

TEK 6.6B TAAS Objective 3

Post test Questions

1. A triangle is a four sided figure
a. True
b. False

2. An Isosceles triangle has
a. A side missing
b. Three sides the same length
c. At least two sides the same length

3. A Scalene Triangle has
a. All measurements of 60 degrees
b. Two sides the same
c. Three sides the same
d. All sides of a different length

4. An Obtuse Triangle
a. Has all obtuse angles in it
b. Has one obtuse angle in it
c. Has all acute angles in it
d. Has a total angle sum of 150 degrees

5. An Equilateral triangle can be described as one which
a. Has an obtuse angle in it
b. Has no two sides the same
c. Has all three sides the same
d. Has no sides the same

6. An acute triangle has
a. One acute angle
b. Two acute angles
c. Three acute angles
d. Four acute angles

7. A right triangle has
a. All sides the same length
b. A right angle in it
c. An obtuse angle in it
d. Two or more obtuse angles in it

8. An Equilateral triangle is also
a. A Scalene triangle
b. An Isosceles triangle
c. A right triangle
d. An obtuse triangle

9. There can be three acute angles in a right triangle
a. True
b. False

10. In all triangles, the sum of the angles equals 180 degrees
a. True
b. False

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