Estimating and Rounding

Post test Questions


1. Round 3.6727834 to the nearest whole number

a. 6
b. 3.7
c. 3
d. 4

2. Estimate the answer to 466+527 by rounding to the nearest 100 and then adding

a. 800
b. 1100
c. 900
d. 1000

3. Round 887 to the nearest 10

a. 890
b. 880
c. 860
d. 870

4. Round 13,275 to the nearest thousand

a. 13,300
b. 12,000
c. 14,270
d. 13,000

5. You are figuring the gas mileage on your parent's car. They filled up the tank with 18.376 gallons of fuel. What figure would be the most efficient to use in your calculations

a. 18.376
b. 18.3
c. 18.4
d. 19

6. At the service station, a gallon of gas is $1.24 and 9/10ths. It would be safe to say that a gallon of gas is about-

a. $1.25
b. $1.24
c. $1.23
d. $1.20

7. You wish to estimate the sum of 14,092+3,080+1,937. You wish to simply add the thousands place to get an estimate. Would this procedure work?

a. Yes
b. No

8. To get an even better estimate of the above problem, you add the round the thousands places and add them. Doing this would get a sum of

a. 14,000
b. 17,000
c. 18,000
d. 19,000

9. You have a grade average of 91.5 in math. This will appear on your report card as

a. 90
b. 92
c. 93
d. 91

10. At the restaurant, you bill is $19.85. You wish to estimate a 20 per cent tip. You estimate 10 percent by moving the decimal point over one place and then double that answer. Would this work?

a. Yes
b. No

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