Estimating for Reasonable Answers
TEKS Objective 5.4 A; 5.4 B
TAAS Objective 13

1.  Jan went shopping and bought 3 pair of shoes costing from $25 to $30, including tax. About how much money did Jan spend shopping?

A. Between $25 and $30

B.     Between $75 and $90

C.     More than $100

D.     Less than $50

E.      Between $50 and $60

2.  Henry recycles aluminum cans. The 1st week he collected about 14 pounds, the 2nd week about 23 pounds, the 3rd week 9 lbs and the 4th week 16 pounds. About how much did he collect for all four weeks?

A.     About 60 pounds

B.     About  70 pounds

C.     About 50 pounds

D.     About 100 pounds

E.      About 20 pounds

3.  Jerry picks between 45 and 55 oranges in the citrus orchard in 1 hour.  About how many oranges could Jerry pick in 8 hours?

A.     About 800

B.     About 1000

C.     About 100

D.     About 400

E.      About 300

4.  The Student Council would like to raise $300 for the Adopt a Family project. If the members sell magazines for about $17 a subscription, about how many magazines need to be sold to meet their goal?

A.     300

B.     20

C.     15

D.     17

E.      100

5.  The Johnsons took a trip to California. They drove for 5 days.They drove between 350 and 450 miles a day. About how many miles did the Johnsons drive?

A.     Less than 1000 mi

B.     Between 2000  mi and 2500 mi

C.     More than 2500 mi

D.     Between  1500 mi and 2000 mi

E.      Between  2500 mi and 3000 mi

 6.  To get ready for the basketball tournament, the basketball team practiced  90 minutes a day for a week. How many hours did the team practice basketball for week?

A.     About1 h

B.     About 9 h

C.     About 7 h

D.     About 11 h

E.      About 5 h

7.  The science club measured the amount of rainfall for 5 days. Day 1 there .2 inches; day 2 there was 0 inches, day 3 .8 inches; day 4 there was .6 inches; day 5 there was 0 inches. About how much rain fell for the week?

A.     About 16 in.

B.     About  4 in

C.     About  14

D.     About 8 in

E.      About 2 in


8.  Jerry is reading a book that has 183 pages. If he reads 20 pages a night, how many nights will it take him to finish the book?

A.     183

B.     20

C.     14

D.     10

E.      220

9.  In Mrs. Jonesí reading class, she is giving a prize to the student that read the most pages in a year. James read a total of 2,842 for the year. William read a total 4,654 pages, and Thomas read a total of 6,137 pages. Which is the best estimate of home many more pages Thomas read than James read?

A.     500

B.     1,000

C.     3,000

D.     8,000

E.      2,000

10.  Every morning, 28 buses drop off students to Carver Elementary. If about 32 children ride a school bus, about how many children are dropped off at school?

A.     700

B.     800

C.     900

D.     1000

E.      1200               

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