Context Clues II



Choose the word that best describes the underlined word.

1. He had tried to understand what had happened before it happened, but in retrospect he knows he could never have known the outcome.
a. offer
b. revolution
c. reflection
d. uphold

2. There was so much time that elapsed between the two events that Shelia had enough time to eat lunch.
a. detained
b. disposed
c. elaborate
d. passed

3. Her manners lasped for only a minute when she said something with food in her mouth. Of course, her mother saw her and said something.
a. explained
b. slipped
c. tensed
d. allergic

4. He felt very indignant after his father told him that he would not be able to drive his truck until his grades improved.
a. angry
b. ignored
c. deceived
d. martyred

5. The monstrous and massive oak table had to be lifted by four men to move it into the dining room.
a. huge
b. pile
c. peaceful
d. essential

6. The entryway had marble and gold from top to bottom and it appeared opulent and showy.
a. example
b. optional
c. expensive
d. opposite

7. He tried to have realistic ideas, but his mind wandered and he bagan to dream of making more money than his education would let him.
a. sensible
b. apparent
c. incapable
d. lost

8. The warnings kept appearing on our T.V. screen to stay inside because severe weather was moving into our area.
a. eclipse
b. jealous
c. aspect
d. stormy

9. The smell of her perfume was overpowering, and we had to leave the room so that we could take a deep breath.
b. too much
c. exact
d. vertical

10. He resolved to increase his workout time to one and a half hours. He had only been working out for an hour before he decided to change.
a. decided
b. practiced
c. resumed
d. required

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