Context Clues I



Choose the best meaning of the underlined word.

1. The first review on the Harry Potter movie was favorable. Many people attended and enjoyed the movie. Some people even saw the movie three times!
a. negative
b. uncertain
c. positive
d. clear
2. Her quiet, timid ways made us guess at her true feelings about the story because she kept her ideas to herself and never spoke in the class.
a. shy
b. boisterous
c. kind
d. seriously
3. He was found running down the street after curfew, and his parents were penalized. The ticket read: "Illegally in the streets at 1:00A.M." Now he would have to pay the ticket with his own money.
a. crooked
b. fined
c. delicate
d. informed
4. The woman crossed her fingers as her daughter did the cheer. She was hoping that everything would work out for her daughter as she vied for a position on the squad. Her daughter wanted to be a cheerleader.
a. shouted
b. enclosed
c. expanded
d. tried
5. The boy knew that the lake was teeming, and overflowing with bass, so he brought a big net to help get the fish in the boat.
a. rare
b. enclave
c. full
d. sparse
6. It was difficult to listen to Tommy speak because he droned on and on just like a buzzer that won't stop buzzing.
a. ideal
b. same tone
c. lively
d. scared
7. The lithe girl was perfect for the basketball team because she was all muscle and could play well.
a. lean
b. cubed
c. thick
d. eerie
8. Thomas went to the apex of the mountain, and because it was so high, he had to take a tank of oxygen with him.
a. bottom
b. breathe
c. top
d. clear
9. The apparatus that Jill used to connect the fabric was similar to a sewing machine, but this one did all of the work while she just pushed a button.
a. idea
b. zipper
c. instrument
d. singular
10. The frigid air seemed to suck his breathe away as he attempted to finish his first snowman of the season
a. deficient
b. sappy
c. thick
d. cold

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