Context Clues I

Post test


Choose the best meaning to the word that is underlined.

1. Tommy was a real avid baseball card collector. He inherited the desire to collect cards because his dad had a collection, too.
a. eager
b. careless
c. apart
d. fearful

2. Her Christmas bills added up. After the holidays, her extravagance was going to take several months to pay off.
a. economy
b. praise
c. external
d. overdoing

3. It was gratifying to see how she acted toward her grandmother because her grandmother was always kind to her.
a. pleasing
b. nervous
c. aggravating
d. unclear

4. The boy was caught stealing from the store. His larceny caught up with him when the owner showed him a video tape.
a. gift
b. theft
c. lawless
d. honor

5. The ideas she presented to the class were clearly an untested theory because there had never been any research done on it.
a. magic
b. brutal
c. indictment
d. belief

6. His eternal light would shine on the people even after his death.
a. temporary
b. ethical
c. reformed
d. endless

7. He cut the paper precisely on the line, and it fit perfectly in the grooves of the picture frame.
a. exactly
b. embellish
c. outer
d. advance

8. The boy tried to justify his actions to his mother by explaining the reasons why he did what he did.
a. depend
b. prove
c. strict
d. concourse

9. She did several backbends in a row to show how limber she was, so that she could be chosen for the squad.
a. enthused
b. responsive
c. likely
d. flexible

10. He climbed the mountain and stood looking over the tops of the trees on the mountain across from him. He was right on the precipice and could have fallen.
a. edge
b. stiff
c. top
d. under

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