Converting Measurement

Pretest Questions

Try this pre-test before you look at the tutorial. You may take this pre-test as many times as you like. Good Luck!

1. Which of these are measures of the metric system
a. Feet
b. Meters
c. Yards
d. Inches

2. Which of these are measures of the United States Customary system
a. Meters
b. Millimeters
c. Inches
d. Centimeters

3. A Centimeter is about the width of a
a. Hand
b. Foot
c. Thumb
d. Fingernail

4. Calculations are easier in the
a. US Customary system
b. Metric system
c. Japanese system
d. Hindu system

5. To convert from centimeters to meters, you should
a. Divide by 10
b. Divide by 100
c. Multiply by 100
d. Multiply by 50

6. To convert yards to inches, you should
a. Divide by 10
b. Multiply by 36
c. Multiply by 48
d. Divide by 3

7. To convert days to hours, you should
a. Multiply by 12
b. Multiply by 6
c. Multiply by 24
d. Divide by 12

8. Which of this is the longest?
a. A meter
b. A centimeter
c. A millimeter
d. A Kilometer

9. Which of these is the shortest
a. 1/8 mile
b. ¼ mile
c. 1 mile
d. 10 miles

10. How many seconds are in an hour
a. 600
b. 60
c. 3600
d. 5280

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