Context Clues that Define



1. Sometimes when reading, words are defined within the sentence that they are found. This is referred to as a :
A. Main idea
B. Context clue
C. Point of reference
D. Helping Verb

2. Context clues that define a word are often found after:
A. The word "or"
B. A comma
C. Both A and B are correct
D. clues

Read the passage below to answer questions 8-10

Early on, the Spanish knew about the region, or area that is now Texas. The Spanish were slow to settle in this territory even after many Spanish explorers reported about the land. Cabeza de Vaca, was shipwrecked off the coast in 1528. He wandered through the area in the 1530s, and kept a journal, or diary of his experience. Coronado probably crossed the northwest section in 1541. De Soto died before reaching Texas, but his men continued west, crossing the Red River in 1542. The first Spanish settlement was made (1682) at Ysleta on the site of present day El Paso. Refugees, people who were exiled, settled in Texas after the Pueblo revolt of 1680. They left New Mexico and landed in Texas. Several missions were established in the area. However, the Comanches, Apaches, and other Native American tribes resented their encroachment, invasion, and the settlements did not flourish.

A French expedition or trip led by La Salle journeyed into East Texas in 1685 after failing to locate the mouth of the Mississippi. This expedition inspired, or motivated
the Spanish to establish missions to hold the area. The first mission,
founded in 1690 near the Neches, was named Francisco de los Tejas after
the Indians that inhabited, or occupied the area. This is also the origin of the
state name, Texas, which is translated as "friend". In general, however, Spanish attempts to gain wealth from the region and to convert, or change the indigenous people, or Indians were unsuccessful.

3. In this passage, the word region means:
A. area
B. wet lands
C. Texas
D. Indians

4. In this passage, the word territory means:
A. region
B. area
C. Both A and B
D. Indians

5. In this passage, the word journal means:
A. journey
B. personal writing
C. a magazine article
D. All of the above

6. A refugee is someone who:
A. Can't find his way home
B. An Indian
C. Someone forced to leave the area and live somewhere else.
D. is home

7. Encroachment means:
A. leaving a territory
B. coming into a territory and taking over
C. defeating
D. killing

8. In this passage, inspired means:
A. to encourage or motivate
B. to explore the possibilities
C. to travel
D. to defeat

9. In this passage, the word "mission" means:
A. a region or territory
B. settlers
C. a settlement
D. a place for Indians to live

10. The word convert means to:
A. change
B. interrupt
C. inspire
D. rule

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