All About Circles Pre Test

David Plummer, Vogel Intermediate School

TEK 6.6 C  TAAS Objective 3

1.      What do you call the outside of a circle

a.      Perimeter

b.      Border

c.      Circulatory ending

d.      Circumference

2.      What is the distance from the center of the circle to the side

a.      Centerpoint

b.      Radius

c.      Diameter

d.      Dissection

3.      What is the distance from one side of a circle to the other through the center

a.      Centerpoint

b.      Radius

c.      Diameter

d.      Dissection

4.      This symbol – П stands for

a.      Pi           

b.      Rho

c.      Sigma

d.      Tau

5.      The decimal representation that we commonly use for П is

a.      2.75

b.      5.68

c.      10.3

d.      3.14

6.      If we multiply П times the diameter of a circle, we will get the

a.      Radius

b.      Circumference

c.      Diameter

d.      Area

7.      “r” squared stands for

a.      The Diameter times the diameter

b.      The circumference divided by 2

c.      The Radius times the Radius

d.      Half of the area

8.      П R2 is the formula for finding

a.      The circumference of a circle

b.      The area of a circle

c.      The Diameter of a circle

d.      The Radius of a circle

9.      We pronounce П R2 as “Pi R square”

a.      True

b.      False

10.  П R 2  tells us to

a.      Multiply the radius times the radius and then multiply that product times 3.14

b.      Multiply pi times the radius times 2

c.    Multiply the diameter times the radius

d.   Multiply the Radius times 3.14

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