Pre Test

Read the following selections, and answer the cause/effect questions.
"I don't want a babysitter. I am eleven years old. My babysitter is only three years older than I am," she loudly yelled to her Mom. Now, she really wished she had somebody with her as she heard the clicking, scratching noises outside of the living room window. "This is silly. It's probably the storm," the girl said. She regretted watching the horror show she had been tuned into for the last half hour. As she searched for the remote to turn off the vampire movie, the front door blew open with a thunderous noise. Carla whirled around to see a dark image.

1. Carla didn't want a babysitter because
A. She believes she is old enough to take care of herself.
B. She wants to watch scary movies.
C. Carla's mother leaves her alone all the time.
D. Carla's babysitter is only three years older than Carla.

2. What made Carla turn around?
A. The dark image that appeared at the door.
B. The front door blew open.
C. Carla's babysitter appeared at the door.
D. Carla couldn't find the remote control.

The story of Evangeline is one of deep love and sorrow. Evangeline lived with her dad in Nova Scotia, which is located in Canada. It was said that when war came these peaceful people were thrown on to ships and taken from their homes. Many families were broken up as well as many true loves. Evangeline's true love was placed on a ship that took him to the Carolinas, and Evangeline's ship took her to New Orleans. She and her love spent many years searching for one another. Evangeline worked as a nurse, and he was a soldier. When he was shot in battle, he was in the hospital where she worked as a nurse. They finally met each other again, but it was not a happy ending. He died in her arms in the hospital.
3. Because people were thrown onto ships,
A. Evangeline was reunited with her lost love.
B. Everybody was able to go to New Orleans.
C. Families were separated.
D. Evangeline lost contact with her parents.

4. Because Evangeline was a nurse

A. She couldn't go home.
B. She was there when her love was brought to the hospital.
C. She made a good helper.
D. She wanted to be a doctor.

Dinosaurs lived on the Earth for approximately 180 million years. About 250 million years ago during the Permian Period, the Earth's seas shrunk. Reptiles, including dinosaurs, survived this period. The dinosaurs were the strong, dominant reptiles of the period. By the end of the Jurassic Period, dinosaurs had reached enormous sizes and roamed the Earth as leaders. In the Cretaceous Period, the dinosaurs died out, and more mammals began to flourish.

5. The reason why dinosaurs were able to survive the Permian Period is because
A. They only needed to eat vegetation in order to survive.
B. They were stronger than some of the other mammals.
C. They were able to swim.
D. The Permian Period didn't last for a long time.

6. In order for other mammals to flourish,
A. The Permian Period needed to have lasted longer.
B. We presently have to live in the Jurassic Period.
C. Dinosaurs had to die out.
D. The Earth's seas had to shrink.

Paris, who was prince of Troy, received a wish from a goddess. His wish was to wed the most beautiful woman in the world. The only problem was that Helen who was the most beautiful woman was already married to King Menelaus. When Paris stole Helen, he started a war that lasted ten years. It was called the Trojan War. The two sides fought and fought until the Greeks, King Menelaus' group created a giant horse and wheeled it into the walls of Troy as a peace offering. Later that night the trap door opened in the horse's belly. The Greeks poured out and killed the people of Troy while they slept. Helen was freed, and the spell that had been cast on her died. She went home to King Menelaus.

7. Helen was released because
A. The Greeks captured Helen.
B. Paris made a wish to have the most beautiful woman in the world.
C. The two sides fought.
D. Helen was married to King Menelaus.

8. Paris had to use trickery or magic to have Helen because
A. She lived out of town.
B. Paris was already married.
C. Helen was married.
D. Helen despised Paris.

What animal is about three feet long, has a twelve inch tail, and black and white fur? The animal is terribly mean. The Tasmanian devil is a marsupial that gives birth to its babies. The baby is placed in a pouch to grow up. It takes about fifteen to sixteen weeks for the baby to get enough of its mother's milk to be able to leave the pouch. These ugly, mean animals live in Australia. They sneak around at night and kill small animals. Sometimes they eat dead animals to survive. If you run into a Tasmanian devil at night, run away! They are not the cute cartoon pictures that you grew up with. They have sharp teeth!

9. The reason why the Tasmanian devil can't leave the pouch too early is because
A. It needs to be protected by its mother.
B. A cord connects the Tasmanian devil to its mother.
C. There is a strong bond between the mom and the young Tasmanian devil.
D. It needs its mother's milk.

10. If you see a Tasmanian devil, it is suggested you run away because
A. They are ugly.
B. They are mean.
C. They kill small animals.
D. They only hunt at night.

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