Post Test

Read the following selections, and answer the cause/effect questions.

Alex couldn't go diving with his family because he had hurt his ankle in track practice. Despite his protests, his Mom ordered him to stay close to the hotel. While Alex was picking up the shells along the beach, he thought he heard a cry for help. He looked around, but he couldn't see anything. He heard the yell again, but this time louder and more desperate. A couple of hundred yards away, he saw a girl frantically waving her arms, trying to grab something to keep her head above water. Without hesitation, Alex jumped in the water to save a stranger. After pulling the girl from the ocean, he was called a hero by everyone. Alex didn't consider himself a hero. He thought that he was a person in the right place at the right time.

1. Alex couldn't go diving because
A. He hurt his ankle.
B. He would miss track practice.
C. He wanted to watch a movie in the hotel room.
D. He didn't know how to swim.

2. The reason why he had to disobey his mom's orders was that
A. He wanted to talk to girl at the pool.
B. He desperately wanted to go diving.
C. He had to save a drowning girl.
D. He wanted to be called a hero.

3. What caused him to stop picking up shells?
A. He heard his Mom calling his name.
B. He wanted to go diving instead.
C. His Mom told him not to leave the hotel.
D. He heard screams.

Football is a great American sport. Millions of people watch football games every year. On Friday nights, chances are that your hometown is at a football game. Football began around 1840. The actual game has changed through the years. Its popularity has made it a million dollar entertainment industry. There is a lot of money to be made in football as Americans all over the United States tune in each week to watch men hitting one another on a field.

4. Because millions of people watch football,
A. It is one of the least popular sports.
B. It has become a moneymaking business.
C. People are protesting because of the unnecessary violence.
D. People in the 19th Century demanded that the game be shown on television.

5. What is sometimes the cause of someone getting sick from eating?
A. They ate a variety of too many foods.
B. They ate too much food.
C. The food was not kept at its right temperature.
D. Someone was not feeling well.

6. What happens because food is not stored at the right temperature?
A. People don't cook food thoroughly.
B. Microorganisms and bacteria can spoil the food.
C. Fungus will invade the food and spoil it.
D. People will get the flu.

A "triumvirate" is a group of three rulers. During Julius Caesar's time, several men believed that Julius Caesar was too arrogant or conceited to be king. They believed that everything he did was for personal gain and not for the good of Rome. Marcus Brutus and Cassius convinced a group of men or conspirators to kill Julius Caesar and to overthrow the government. When Caesar walked into the senate house, the conspirators stabbed him to death. Mark Anthony, Caesar's best friend, talked to two other men about forming a triumvirate to rule Rome. These three men and their troops overthrew Brutus and Cassius and became leaders of Rome.

7. Caesar was killed because
A. He imprisoned innocent people.
B. He had been the ruler for a long time.
C. His best friend was Mark Anthony.
D. It was believed that his death was the best for Rome.

8. Since the conspirators killed Caesar,
A. Mark Anthony and two other people led Rome.
B. A peace treaty was formed between the two opposing forces.
C. Cassius declared himself the emperor.
D. Brutus apologized to Rome for killing Caesar.

The mighty, wild tigers walk silently through the woods in Asia. They can live in just about any climate. Tigers are extinct in many parts of the world due to poaching, which is illegally hunting an animal. The magnificent wild tiger is no longer found in Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan because man has killed them all. Man has also killed tigers by removing the rain forests in the world.

9. The reason why many tigers are extinct is
A. They are on the endangered list.
B. Poaching.
C. Because they can only be found in Asia.

Oscar couldn't resist the temptation of jumping hills with his bike. His parents told him not to jump the hills near his house. He had saved for a long time for his new bike, and he knew he could jump the hills like the professionals. His parents weren't watching, so he thought he was safe. What a mistake! His parents will soon find out that he was jumping the hills. Oscar sadly carried his new but ruined bike home.

10. Oscar's bike is ruined because
A. Ran into a tree.
B. He was going too fast down the street.
C. He crashed while jumping the hills.

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