Using Addition and Subtraction to Solve Problems II

Check the box of the letter with the most correct answer.

1 Pablo has 850 U.S. stamps and 240 Mexican stamps in his collection. How many stamps does Pablo have altogether?

A 610
B 1,090
C 710
D 1,190
E Not Here

2 Maria has 205 U.S. coins and 160 Mexican coins in her collection. How many more U.S. coins than Mexican coins does Maria have?

F 55
G 375
H 45
J 365
K Not Here

3 The store had 55 Video games and 31 were sold. How many does the store have left?

A 84
B 94
C 24
D 110
E Not Here

4 A hiker is climbing a mountain that is 6,238 feet high. She stops to rest at 4,887 feet. How many more feet must she climb to reach the top?

F 2,351 ft
G 1,451 ft
H 1,361 ft
J 1,351 ft
K Not Here

5 A baseball team held a bake sale to raise money for new uniforms. There were 425 baked items provided for the sale. At noon the team has sold 278 of the items. How many baked items did the team have left to sell?

A 147
B 253
C 257
D 703
E Not Here

6 Sheila's parents bought a computer for $1,089, a printer for $ 255, and a computer game for $39. How much did these items cost in all, not including tax?

F $1,263
G $1,273
H $1,344
J $1,383
K $1,534

7 Tommy and his sister went seashell hunting at the beach. On Monday they found 125 shells. On Tuesday they found 56 shells. On Wednesday they found 90 shells. How many shells did they find in total?

A 171
B 271
C 270
D 371
E Not Here

8 Maria was a good baby sitter. In one weekend she had three baby-sitting jobs. She earned $15.00 on one job, $12.00 on another job and $20.00 on her last job. How much money did Maria earn that weekend?

F $47.00
G $57.00
H $37.00
J $45.00
K Not Here

9 Mr. Barton owned a real nice building lot. There were 87 large oak trees on the lot. When he decided to build his house, it was necessary to cut down 43 trees. How many trees were left after he cut down the trees?

A 130
B 45
C 43
D 53
E Not Here

10 Ms. Stewart owned two clothing stores. One weekend one store sold 45 dresses and her other store sold 57 dresses. How many dresses were sold in her stores that weekend?

F 12
G 102
H 112
J 92
K Not Here

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