Problem Solving with Addition and Subtraction


1. There are 233 roses and 325 tulips at a nursery. How many
roses and tulips are there in all?

a. 92
b. 558
c. 525
d. 82

2. Bob went shopping for shoes. At one store he found a pair for
$27.99. At the second store he found the same shoes for
$32.99. How much money would Bob save if he bought the
shoes at the first store?

a. $5.00
b. $6.00
c. $7.00
d. $8.00

3. Jenny packed 12 apples, 48 oranges, and 96 plums for a picnic.
How many pieces of fruit did she pack in her basket?

a. 60
b. 108
c. 146
d. 156

4. A craft store had 25 boxes of red markers, 21 boxes of blue
markers, and 15 boxes of green markers. How many boxes of
did they have in all?

a. 81
b. 51
c. 101
d. 61

5. The Smith family was going on vacation. They traveled 523
miles on Tuesday and 720 miles on Wednesday. How many more
miles did they travel on Wednesday?

a. 1243
b. 1253
c. 197
d. 157

6. Joshua won 325 tickets at the carnival. He spent 120 tickets
on a stuffed animal. How many tickets did he have left?

a. 500
b. 445
c. 105
d. 205

7. Allison spent $7 on a hat, $32 on a sweater, and $28 on a pair
of jeans. How much did she spend in all?

a. $60
b. $70
c. $67
d. $77

8. Monica took a survey of students in 5th grade to see what their
favorite food was. 53 students voted for pizza and 29 voted
for hamburgers. How many more students liked pizza?

a. 82
b. 24
c. 26
d. 70

9. Jeffery had 37 pieces of gum. He gave 13 pieces to his friend
Marc. How many pieces did Jeffery have left?

a. 60
b. 50
c. 24
d. 14

10. Katie went to the art museum. She had $25. She spent $14 on
souvenirs. How much money did she have when she went

a. $49
b. $11
c. $39
d. $19

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