Problem Solving with Addition and Subtraction

Post test

1. Susie went to the art museum. She had $35. She spent $12 on
souvenirs. How much money did she have when she went

a. $47
b. $23
c. $39
d. $19

2. Jeffery had 27 jellybeans. He gave 13 jellybeans to his friend
Marc. How many jellybeans did Jeffery have left?

a. 60
b. 40
c. 24
d. 14

3. Angela took a survey of students in 5th grade to see what their
favorite after school food was. 23 students voted for cookies
and 48 students voted for fruit. How many more students
chose fruit?

a. 82
b. 25
c. 26
d. 71

4. Kristi spent $9 on a hat, $36 on a sweater, and $23 on a pair
of jeans. How much did she spend in all?

a. $60
b. $70
c. $68
d. $77

5. Jack had 14 red marbles, 12 blue marbles, and 19 green
marbles. What is the total number of marbles that Jack had?

a. 26
b. 31
c. 45
c. 53

6. The Fields family was going on a road trip. On the first day
they traveled 325 miles. On the second day they traveled
256 miles and on the third day they traveled 375 miles. How
many miles did they travel in all?

a. 956
b. 856
c. 756
d. 656

7. Sally went shopping for a new dress. At one store she found a
blue dress for $28. At another store she found a yellow dress
for $45. How much more did the yellow dress cost?

a. $73
b. $17
c. $28
d. $70

8. In the pet store there were 23 birds, 32 hamsters, and 14
fish. How many animals did they have all together?

a. 11
b. 55
c. 66
d. 69

9. At Happy Elementary there were 87 fourth graders and 92
fifth graders. How many more fifth graders than fourth
graders were there?

a. 179
b. 5
c. 8
d. 182

10. Kenneth spent 32 tokens on the cake walk, 12 tokens on face
painting, and 20 tokens on food at the carnival. How many
tokens did he spend in all?

a. 52
b. 44
c. 64
d. 74


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