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The History of TRIES  

Welcome to the Texas Research Institute for Enviromental Studies
Sam Houston State University - A Member of the Texas State University Sysytem


In 1991, Sam Houston state University and Stephen F. Austin State University established the Texas Regional Institute for Environmental Studies (TRIES) to meet the growing need for environmental education. Part of this mission was to expand the scope in examining environmental issues, to improve the environmental risk assessment system, to facilitate transferability of experimental models, and to make comprehensive environmental databases readily accessible to all interested groups.

The collaboration of two regional and comprehensive universities would provide a base of academic expertise which can be used in conjunction with industry, government, and private sector participants. The mission of TRIES was to develop and maintain environmental databases, solve strategic environmental problems, and provide a credible source of the necessary knowledge, expertise, and training to identify, examine, and assess environmental problems accurately and to provide viable solutions.

Today TRIES - the Texas Research Institute for Environmental Studies is a major Research Institute within the Texas State University System under the sole support of Sam Houston State University. This Research Institute has evolved to its current mission and continues to be a major influence in the discovery and dissemination of leading research in the biological, chemical, and environmental sciences.


Past Directors:

Dr. Michael J. Warnock

Dr. Gordon A. Plishker

Dr. Karen Murff



sh Huntsville, Texas 77341-2506 - 936.294.3715 - Fax 936.294.3822 - www.shsu.edu/TRIES sh