Dr. Cox's Photos


Thirteen Factories, Guangzhou, China, 1757-1842

Fulton's Steamboat, the Clermont

Having Coffee, Northeast Normal University Coffee Shop, Changchun, China, 2010

The Great Wall of China Near Sunset, 2010

New York City Harbor, 1860

Old China Trade Ships, 1820s

Pauli Highway, Oahu, Hawaii, 2012

Beijing Botanical Gardens, 2009

Charles Whitefield, First Great Awakening, 1730s

Philosopher's Walk, Kyoto, 2010

Porter Glacier, Kinai Peninsula, Alaska, 2011

Map of Scotland, 1520s

Waiting for Pizza, Moosetooth Pizza, Anchorage, Alaska

Pavel Svinyin, Niagara Falls, 1812

Creating the Texas Declaration of Independence, 1836

Empress of China, first U.S. merchant ship to China, 1784

Gibbons v. Ogden, 1824

Streets of Canton (Guangzhou), China, early 1800s

Texas Constitution of 1876

Texas, 1856

U.S. Constitution


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