Media Stories on STAFS

The Southeast Texas Applied Forensic Science Facility programs, faculty, students, and participants have been featured in local and national media. Here is a sample of the stories that have been published in print and on television about the facility, its research, its training, its assistance to local law enforcement, and the people that make it all possible.

Robin's Story

In 2012, Robin Steffens of Huntsville decided to donate his body to STAFS after discovering he had terminal liver cancer. He wanted to share his story in hopes that others would consider a gift to advance education in forensic science. Here is Robinís story, which appeared on KTRK-TV.

Other News Stories

Rural property searched for missing woman
08/10/12. KTRK-TV
Story on hunt for missing woman in Rosenberg and participation by SHSU in the process.

NCBI ROFL: Bobcats eating cadavers. Now THATís science.
07/20/12. Discover Magazine
Story on study at STAFS documenting bobcats eating cadavers.

SHSU to offer human recovery training to law enforcement
07/7/12. Huntsville Item
Story on STAFS training for law enforcement officers.

Police seek help identifying skeletal remains
06/26/12. Houston Community Newspaper
Story on skeletal remains found in Pearland mentions that SHSU will evaluate the remains.

Women who died years ago still a mystery
06/21/12 KTRK News (Houston)
Story about skeletal remains found in Pearland that were sent to SHSU for analysis.

STAFS Donors Remembered
05/20/12. Huntsville Item
Story on STAFS Memorial Service.

SHSU Professor Solves Murder Mystery
03/04/12. Huntsville Item
Story on Burned Body Case at STAFS.

Bodies burned on a farm north of Houston help detectives solve crimes
02/22/12 KHOU-TV
Story on Burned Body Case at STAFS.

Testing of bones found by hunters in forest to take Ďat leastí a month
09/24/11 The Woodlands Village (Houston Community News)
Story mentions SHSU assistance on line search.

SHSU forensic scientists hold special memorial service
06/06/11 Huntsville Item
Story on STAFs Memorial Service

Down on the Body Farm: Inside the Dirty World of Forensic Science
12/02/10. The Atlantic
Story mentions STAFS