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Registration Overview


administration buildingIn order to register for any sociology graduate class at SHSU you must get department approval. This is to ensure that sociology students receive top priority for our classes over other graduate students or non-degree seeking students. We limit course enrollment to fifteen. Make sure you have reviewed the degree plan before registering.

Every semester, you will need to email either the Director of Graduate Studies or the Graduate Assistant with the courses you would like to enroll. Include your SHSU id number, the course name, and course CRN. Once you have been cleared for registration, you will be notified by email. Keep in mind that during the first busy days of registration, we receive multiple email requests for classes. Unblocking you for registration does not ensure you a seat in the class. Once enrollment reaches fifteen, you will not be allowed to register for the class even if you have been cleared to do so.

You are encouraged to register as soon as registration begins. Our classes fill quickly. If you wait until the start of the semester to register, your anticipated graduation may be delayed because the classes you need may have already reached capacity. Ensure your spot in class by registering early.

The following contacts can approve and unlock classes for you:

Director of Graduate Studies

Graduate Assistant

click here for registration tutorial pdfIf you have a registration hold issued by the Registrar, you must clear that with the Registrar. We are unable to assist you in those matters at the department level.

Other useful contacts include:

  • IT@Sam Service Desk at 936-294-1950 for any help you may need with your computer account.
  • SHSU Graduate Studies Online Orientation. This larger orientation contains an overview of how to use the library online, accessing the bookstore, the financial aid process, using your Bearcat card, in depth registration procedures, and other information.

You will have to activate your account before you can register for classes. You will then be assigned a SHSU email address and SamWeb account. In your SamWeb account, you'll be able to register for classes, view all your records, and manage your financial aid. This brief tutorial will walk you through the necessary steps for registration. You may also want to check out the SHSU Registrar's webpage for additional registration instructions and/or troubleshooting.