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Frequently Asked Questions


Will I be able to do my online graduate courses on any computer?
Yes, as long as you have a fast DSL or Cable internet connection, and your computer meets these technical requirements.


Where can I find more information on the online graduate Sociology program?
Visit the SHSU Sociology graduate website. If you can't find what you're looking for, contact the department for more information.


Where can I find more information on financial aid?
Check out SHSU's financial aid webpage, and also take a look at the graduate assistantships and scholarships for additional funding opportunities.


If I already have a graduate degree, will that increase my chances for admission into the program and/or help me complete it faster?
It might help increase your chances for admission, depending on your grades and the course content. Contact the Director of Graduate Studies for more information.


How do I get my student ID (Bearkat card)?
There is an online video that explains how to apply for your student id as well as details other features associated with the card.


Where can I find my student ID number?
Your Sam ID is located on the bottom left of your Sam ID Bearcat card. You can also find it on your MySam account under "my account", and then by looking at your unofficial transcript. Write it down and keep it with you while attending SHSU.


Where can I find the CRN number for classes that I would like to take?
The CRN can be found on the course registration page after logging into your SamWeb account, click here for an example.


How will I receive help with writing my professional paper?
Make sure you follow the professional paper guidelines. You can also discuss questions with any of your course instructors or by contacting the Director of Graduate Studies. You can contact the writing center for editing help.


Will SHSU require me to get the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination stated here (http://www.shsu.edu/~uhc_www/meningitis_vac.html)?
No, if you are only taking classes online and will not be on the SHSU campus, then you don’t need to show proof of this vaccination.


What are the deadlines for graduation?
The office of Graduate Studies will have deadlines or information listed for submitting graduation applications.


How do I qualify for a GRE waiver?
In certain limited circumstances, you may request a GRE waiver. Request for GPA waiver must be made in writing and compelling argument put forward. Some examples of granted GRE waivers include:

  1. Those graduating with honors (cum laude, magna or summa cum laude) from their baccalaureate-granting institution.
  2. Those who have completed a masters/doctorate/law degree. Undergraduate GPA meets the minimum GPA requirement.
  3. Retired military. Undergraduate GPA meets the GPA requirement.

What are the GPA requirements to graduate from a graduate program?
Students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00 on all graduate level coursework. Students who earn one grade of "F" or three grades of "C" in 500-, 600- or 700-level courses will be terminated from the program. A student cannot graduate with three grades of "C" in a graduate program.