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Faculty Research

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Dr. Alessandro Bonanno is currently researching “the reorganization of time and space under globalization”. Employing the case of agriculture and food, his focus is on the consequences that the time-space reorganization has on democracy and governance.



Dr. Jin Young Choi is working on research relating to immigrant health and health care. In particular, her research deals with critical health issues such as obesity and cancer. Her research has been expanded to international health issues, focusing on public health challenges in developing countries in the context of globalization.



Dr. Doug Constance is working on a research project with Dr. Bonanno from SHSU and Dr. Gilberto Aboites and Dr. Francisco Martinez from the Autonomous University of Coahuila at Saltillo, Mexico on the socio-economic impacts of regional integration of the poultry industry in the post-NAFTA years.



Dr. Mary Ann Davis received SHSU funding for a Summer 2007 research project entitled: "The Health Effects on Adults age 55 and Over Who Function as Careers for Family Members with Alzheimer's Disease". This study investigates the health effects on adults who are primary caregivers of family members with Alzheimer's disease (AD) using the National Institute of Aging database.



Dr. Furjen Deng is developing culturally-appropriate support programs for Chinese Breast Cancer Survivors in Houston. Her research supplies important information to help the medical profession provide programs to the growing Asian community in Houston and Texas and help rectify the problem of health disparities in Texas.



Dr. Karen Douglas is conducting research regarding Mexico-US border water. Currently, this research focuses on the El Paso area which includes New Mexico, Juarez, Mexico and El Paso. Part of the research involves interviewing water stakeholders (municipalities, irrigators/agriculture, environmental, etc.) in the region.



Dr. Maki Hatanaka’s recent research examines global social movements that seek to make food production more environmentally sustainable and socially just.  In particular, her interests rest on the issues of certification, labeling, and standards that are often imbued within the existing power relations between global North and South.  Her current focus is on shrimp aquaculture in Southeast Asia. 



Dr. Jason Konefal’s research examines how neoliberal restructuring is affecting (1) the kinds of food people eat and how, where, and by whom it is produced, and (2) opportunities for social and environmental movements.  Currently, he is working on projects looking at seafood production and consumption, and non-genetically modified foods. 



Dr. Olena Leipnik has on-going research projects focused on representation of ethnicity in multicultural environment, particularly on ethnic humor. She has started work at the topic Ukrainian land and nation: application of the processes of ‘Europeanization’ and Globalization. This research is based on analysis of how food markets have been changed in Ukraine – the largest European country, located in the very center of Europe and rich in ‘chernnozem’ soil - with it’s adherence to the global market economy, and how this influences the society.



Dr. Lee Miller is continuing her research in community response to disasters. Currently her research is focused on how communities in Texas respond to environmental hazards, specifically wastewater injection wells. A related project examines the roles of women and retirees in collective action to resist environmental hazards.



Dr. Andrew Prelog is currently involved with a FEMA sponsored research project investigating disaster risk, vulnerability, and preparedness among Colorado childcare centers. His other current projects include a spatial analyses of environmental crimes in the Houston metropolitan area; analyses of criminal activity in the wake of natural disasters; and developing socially relevant measures of natural disaster impact.



Dr. Gene Theodori is coordinating and executing several multidisciplinary policy-oriented community and natural resource-related research projects in Texas, Utah, Pennsylvania, and New York. These projects address salient community development and natural resource-related issues such as "the adoption and diffusion of alternative water resources" and "the acceptance and assimilation of environmentally-friendly energy exploration and production practices."



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