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Dr. Mary Ann Davis

I am a demographer studying life course transition issues from a macro approach using demographic characteristics. I use large scale data to study the influence of age, sex, race and ethnicity as well as distal causes (socioeconomic status, social relationships, geographic factors, and environmental or human hazards) and proximate factors (including databases that include biomarkers of health behaviors such as smoking and drinking, health conditions, and physiological influences such as height and genetic markers) on issues affecting disparities in social policies. This approach has led me to research projects which are linked by demographic secondary analyses of large scale data. Projects are inspired by life course transition issues including my lifelong interest in foster and adoption; migration; aging and inequality including dealing with the demographics of population aging and the morbidity and mortality by Alzheimer’s and gender inequalities.  Publications and presentations based on these researches are in my vita.

Teaching is my passion: I teach the introductory courses in sociology (SOC 131) and race and ethnicity (SOC 168); SOC335W – Gender and Inequality; and SOC 587 W Gender and Society; SOC 476.01W: The Sociology of Demography and Migration; SOC 462.01-W: Marriage and the Family; SOC 333.01: The Sociology of Aging and Inequality; and SOC 586: The Sociology of Aging as well as providing readings and honors contract classes.  I encourage my students to become involved in research projects and present at professional conferences both at the university and at regional and national conferences.

I also support the profession, community, university, college and department through service projects.

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